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In Case You Missed It: Best Photos and Moments of this Year's WILC 2015

[node:summary]In Case You Missed It: Best Photos and Moments of this Year's WILC 2015

In case you missed this year's World Indoor Lacrosse Championships 2015 which was held in an around the city of Syracuse New York and within the boundaries of the Onondaga Nation, we at Indian Country Today Media Network have compiled some of our greatest photographs and article links to give you a bit of the energy that was afloat this past September.

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This said, here are some of the greatest photos and moments of the 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships. 

During the opening ceremonies a massive 4-way projection screen told the story of the original Creator's game of lacrosse.

The opening took place at the Onondaga War Memorial Arena to a sold out crowd. The Iroquois Nationals would go on to beat Team USA. Photo: Vincent Schilling

Preparing for the WILC 2015 opening ceremony: In the Haudenosaunee Creation story, the Left-handed and Right-handed twins play the very first game of lacrosse on Earth as they battle over Creation. Right handed twin wins and becomes the sun, and watches over his Creation as he travels across the sky each day. The left handed twin takes the night, and is accompanied by their Grandmother, the moon. Photo: Skaruianewah Logan

Powerful medicine. A young fan bangs on the glass trying to get Lyle Thompson's attention. The Thompson Brothers have positively influenced a whole generation of children as well as adults throughout the Haudenosaunee Territories in the US and Canada. Photo: Skaruianewah Logan

Our Sacred Women Haudenosaunee Dancers at the WILC 2015 Opening Photo: Vincent Schilling

Celebration Spirit of the Haudenosaunee Dancers at the WILC 2015 Opening Photo: Vincent Schilling

At the Onondaga War Memorial Auditorium on Friday September 19th 2015, the Iroquois Nationals bested Team USA having never lost the lead with a final score of 13-9.

Miles Thompson goes head to head with a Team USA player Photo: Vincent Schilling

The Nationals dominated the USA Team Photo Vincent Schilling

Jerome Thompson, father of the Thompson brothers, congratulates his son Miles Thompson after the Iroquois National beat Team USA Photo: Vincent Schilling

As the competiton got started, 13 internationational lacrosse teams from around the world fought their way to the gold. In addition, the majority of the teams also got passport stamps from the Onondaga nation. The act strengthened the Onondaga nation as a sovereign entity as well as strengthened the bond of country to sovereign indian nations.

Several International Lacrosse Teams, such as Team Germany pictured here, have expressed excitement in receiving a passport stamp from the Onondaga Nation Courtesy Photo: Awhenjiosta Myers

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Czech Republic U19 team cheers on their team during the FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championships. Czech Republic has Indigenous people called the Sami, that sometimes are also known as the Reindeer people because of their history of domesticating reindeer. The Czech Team brought a gift all the way from Sami Territory and presented it to the Haudenosaunee people before the lacrosse game. Nationals won 17 to 4 Photo: Skaruianewah Logan

Lyle Thompson scores on the Crown. When England hosted the games the Iroquois Nationals could not enter England because the United Kingdom refused to recognize Haudenosaunee passports. Upon arrival at Onondaga Nation Territory, the English were the first to get their passports stamped. Photo: Skaruianewah Logan

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Miles Thompson is all smiles after he scored his third goal against Team USA. Iroquois Nationals defeated Team USA for 2nd place overall in the tournament. Photo: Skaruianewah Logan

Before the gold medal championship game, and with only one loss during the championship to the undefeated Team Canada, the Thompson brothers also took time out for their fans on the Onondaga Nation.

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Miles Thompson autographs a young fan's Thompson Brother's t-shirt on the Onondaga Nation Photo: Vincent Schilling

Thompson Brother fans Photo: Vincent Schilling

More Thompson Brother fans Photo: Vincent Schilling

Iroquois Nationals Head Coach Rick Kilgour and the four Thompson Brothers Photo: Vincent Schilling

In addition to the world renowned fame of the Thompson Brothers who have appeared in national commercials for Nike and play for national teams, the Onondaga Nation also benefitted from a huge increase of customer traffic - in short, more people brought more money to the benefit of vendors.

Vendors at the WILC 2015 benefited from a huge influx of traffic. Photo: Vincent Schilling

In the end, the final two games for the Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals and with a world record total of over 10,400 in attendance at Syracuse University’s Carrier Dome, Team Canada bested the Iroquois Nationals with a final score of 12-8 at the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships to take home the gold. Team USA beat Team Israel 15-4 to take the Bronze.

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The Iroquois Nationals took the Silver in Worlds while Canada got Gold - "Miles Thompson goes for a goal Photo: Vincent Schilling

Johnny Powless gives it his best shot against Canada in the Championship game. The behind the crease shot is a style Haudenosaunee players are infamous for. Photo: Skaruianewah Logan

In between the Championship games - Pee Wee Lacrosse Players came out in full force - Photo: Vincent Schilling

One of the Braves! Photo: Vincent Schilling

Brian Patterson also representing ICTMN and enjoying the spirit of the game Photo: Vincent Schilling

Haina Thompson (#22) assisted by Miles Thompson puts a beautiful jump shot passed Canada's goalie early in the first quarter of the game. An emotional moment for Haudenosaunee fans, the record setting crowd of 10,421 fans roared up in celebration. Photo: Skaruianewah Logan

The Nationals get the silver Photo: Vincent Schilling

Photo: Skaruianewah Logan

After Team Canada won the Gold, Oren Lyons presented a replica wampum belt to Stan Cockerton of Canada Lacrosse, Lyons called the Canadian players 'brothers.' 

Photo: Vincent Schilling

Shaking hands with Cockerton.

Photo: Vincent Schilling

After a last time huddle, the Iroquois Nationals give blessings to their thousands of fans.