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Imagine the possibilities

Today marks the future of possibilities for me, my children, my family, my community and my country. As women, concerned for our children, our people, and our community, we have much to contribute as leaders and as servants in our governments.

Our time is now. Let us take our collective power as Native women to another level where we actively pursue opportunities to utilize our talents and our voices to advance important issues. It will take each of us working within our organizations and our communities to commit ourselves to creating a new dynamic where a Native woman holding elected office is not an anomaly. We will support the aspirations of every Native woman who seeks to serve her community.

I, along with the Native Women’s Political Caucus advisory board, invite you to join the movement of Native women across the country in assuring that we continue our civic engagement today and long into the future on behalf of every amazing woman who inspired us to see ourselves as something more than we ever hoped to believe; to fight injustice; to achieve all that we know we can. Let us define our future on our terms. Join the Native Women’s Political Caucus and let us create the world we envision. We are seeking 1,111 new members by Nov. 11, 2008.

Sign up today and invite others to join the movement at Together we can change our world.

N. Iris Friday
Native Women’s Political Caucus
Seattle, Wash.

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