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Imagine Nirvana and the Beatles Making Dreamcatchers--That's Miracle Dolls

An interview with Dani Doll of Native American twin-sister rock 'n roll act Miracle Dolls

Twins Dani and Dezy Doll, Born Danielle and Desiree de la Rosa, have been rocking out as Miracle Dolls for six years. In that time they've played small clubs and big stages, including the Vans Warped Tour and Stage 49 at Gathering of Nations. In February, the sister act released the ten-track album Kiss Me Auras, available at Dani took a few moments to speak with ICTMN about their musical style and life on the road.

Who would you liken your style to?

Joan Jett once told us backstage at Warped Tour that we "sound like rock 'n roll." I'd describe our sound as Nirvana making dreamcatchers with the Beatles.

Who have has been your greatest musical influence?

The Beatles and the Rolling stones, the Pixies, Weezer, Joy Division.

What’s your inspiration?

Love and life -- if you think about it, we are walking living breathing art forms, and all great art is the mirror of life.

Dani of Miracle Dolls on stage at Rock the 9, in April 2013. Photo by Jason Morgan Edwards.

What’s a typical day in the life on the road?

It's constant driving, and setting up a bunch of equipment, and sound checks, and rock 'n roll, and yummy food, and sleeping in hotels or sometimes on floors of friends houses, and meeting cool new people.

What has been your career highlight, so far?

Hmm, well, we played Warped Tour, and we were on Fuse TV, and we were in Recording magazine, and we got to record albums with our favorite bassists: Mike Herrera from MxPx and John Avila From Oingo Boingo. There are so many highlights, but we’d say the best of all is our guitar program, the Native American Youth Music Program, where we get donated guitars and take them to schools on the reservations. It's a huge honor to give back to the community you come from.

How did you get your start?

We started out playing in Church on the weekends and in the garage with other musicians swapping tabs and chords.

If you could share the stage with any person or group, from the past or present, who would it be?

The Beatles, it would be awesome. If we could only pick one Beatle, it would be John Lennon.

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Who was born first?

Me, Dani -- I'm one minute older then Dez. We were a surprise to our parents; the nurse told them she had seen one big boy, but they got two gypsy girls! Our dad fainted when they brought us out to him.

"Miracle Dolls" -- just a cool name or is there more significance?

Well, our mother said she had seen, in a dream, the name "Miracle Dolls" in huge gold lettering on a stadium marquee, and it reminded her of the Rolling Stones. She I had the same dream three times in one night. Mother knows best -- need we say more? We took the name proudly.

Do you do everything together, or do you get away from each other sometimes?

We pretty much do everything together. It's always music and more music.

Who writes the songs?

We both write the songs, we usually write our songs on acoustic guitars, and when we're done we'll be like, "how about adding this or moving that?" That’s the fun part.

How do you relax and spend your downtime?

We love Netflix! Reading books and going to shows, and writing new songs -- oh, yes, and gambling at casinos, with a $20 limit of course! We live really close to Casino Morongo in California, and like to visit it once a month or more. Keep your fingers crossed for us, we're aiming to hit a jackpot.

What are your tribes? 

Hidatsa, of the 3 affiliated tribes from North Dakota, and Kiowa, from Oklahoma.

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