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Ilisagvik College is Stuck on Duct Tape

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Ilisagvik College—a tribal college in Barrow, Alaska—was recently host to a duct tape dress contest, in which everyone was a winner.

All four contestants were awarded first place prizes for their creative duct tape creations.

One judge, Kathy Nethercott, from the Office of the Registrar at Ilisagvik, said she was looking for originality and design.

Jaden Lampe, 3, modeled a short silver dress with bows on the straps striped stockings and 8-year-old Lucy Gordon created a blue Barrow High School cheerleader outfit.

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Janie Snyder competed for a second year in a row in the adult category. Her multicolored striped ensemble included a dress with matching hat, gloves and slippers. She said it only took about an hour to create with the help of a couple friends.

In the teen category Karina Ahkivgak created a dress with one braided strap and had matching boots and a handbag. According to a press release from the event, she chatted with the audience and joked about how uncomfortable her dress was. Ahkivgak said her outfit needed only one roll of duct tape and a little over an hour to create.

The idea for the event came from Janelle Everett, the school’s recruiter, who once saw an Anchorage woman sporting a bright fuchsia duct tape dress. She plans to host the event again next year.

“Each year we never know how many people will compete or how many people from the public will come out,” Everett said in the release. “It is great fun regardless.”