Idle No More Has Voices of the Future Generation Caught on Video


The Idle No More movement has swept the globe over the last 22 days as Attawapiskat First Nation chief Theresa Spence continues her hunger strike. In the days since December 10, flash mobs and Round Dances have been held throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and even the Middle East.

The message constantly being attributed with Idle No More is one of solidarity and looking out for future generations of Indigenous Peoples and the environment. A message that can best be shared by members of future generations like 11-year-old Ta’Kaiya Blaney.

In the video below, shot by Billie Harlow, Blaney – a speaker and participant at the Idle No More event at Simms Park, Courtenay, British Columbia on December 29 – shares her thoughts.

The Young activist talks about the changes in our environment, the Keystone XL Pipeline and more before sharing her perception on what Idle No More means. “As we are standing on unceded territory, and we have that right. And that’s what Idle No More is all about. It’s about us standing up and speaking up. We’ve never really been asleep and now more than ever we’re awake and we’re standing up.”