Idiotic But Plausible: 'We Are All Natives' Urban Outfitters Parody Amuses, Offends

Way to go, Urban Outfitters -- you've irritated Natives to the point that some of them wouldn't put anything past you.

After all the company has been through, Urban Outfitters would have to be really, really dumb to introduce a collection of clothing that unapologetically rips off Native style and culture.

It would be really dumb of Urban Outfitters (or sub-brand Free People) to do that. But it wouldn't be surprising. This expectation that the retailer hasn't changed its ways since the days of the "Navajo hipster panty" has caused some confusion with a parody video released by the comedy group Stupid Time Machine.

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The clip, "We Are All Natives," announces a fake clothing line that takes pride in appropriating, sexualizing, and trivializing Native clothing and culture; one of the slogans featured is "Find what you love—and steal it." It's not a real advertisement—but many viewers thought it was, and took to the comments section to voice their disgust that Urban Outfitters could (again) do such a thing. (There were also some who understood that the video was satire, but didn't feel it was appropriate to use what looked like regalia even in a satirical context.)

What do you think—is this effective satire, or is it so close to reality that the satire is lost? Is the confusion in the Comments section justified? Here's the link:

"Urban Outfitters: We Are All Natives"