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Idaho Indian Affairs Committee elects Allan as vice chairman

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BONNERS FERRY, Idaho -- Coeur d'Alene Tribal Chairman Chief James Allan has
been elected to serve as vice chairman of the Idaho Indian Affairs
Committee during a meeting Nov. 29. The meeting was hosted by the Kootenai
Tribe of Idaho in Bonners Ferry.

The Indian Affairs Committee consists of two executive leaders, a chairman
and a vice chairman.

The committee elected state Sen. Michael Jorgenson of Hayden Lake as the
new committee chairman.

Other committee members include one representative from each of the five
tribes of Idaho, a representative from the governor's office and two
additional members from the Idaho Legislature.

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"My hope is that the Indian Affairs Committee will be the primary source of
information for the Idaho Legislature," Allan said. "Before bills affecting
tribes are enacted, legislators will have an opportunity to look toward the
Indian Affairs Committee for information and advice."

The committee is committed to being proactive in the Legislature by working
on issues that affect all tribes as well as specific and unique issues that
affect each tribe.

The committee's next scheduled meeting will be Jan. 18, in Boise.

"We look forward to meeting again once the Idaho Legislature has convened
in the new year," said Allan. "In 2006, the Indian Affairs Committee will
be active participants, assisting our state legislators and monitoring new
legislation for the state of Idaho."