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ICTMN Weekly Pow Wow Planner: October 22 - 30, 2016

The Pow Wow trail for 2016 is winding down, but we’ll continue to bring you highlights through November. Here are this week’s pow wow events across the United States.

View and download the 2016 Pow Wow Magazine here.

Check out our Pow Wow listings here.

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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Autumn 39th Annual Pow Wow, October 22
2200 East Kenwood Blvd

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Milwaukee, WI 53211-3361
For more information: or or

Red Clay Pow Wow, October 22–October 23
1140 Red Clay Park Road

Cleveland, TN 37311
For more information: go to or or

Roy Track 33rd Annual Memorial Mesa Pow Wow, October 28–October 30
525 East Main Street

Mesa, AZ 85201
For more information: phone 602-799-0260 or go to or

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