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ICT Pick: Jimi Hendrix, "West Coast Seattle Boy"

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If a four-disc "anthology" of Jimi Hendrix seems a bit strange, it could be due to the fact that Hendrix released just three studio albums and one live set during his lifetime. So it's poorly named -- rather than a collection of Hendrix as we knew him, it's a listen, via unreleased tracks and alternate versions, at Hendrix as he might have been. But don't dismiss this as one for the fanatics. Some of the alternate versions are just better mixes using modern technology -- "Are You Experienced?" and "Castles Made of Sand" are the same, yet better. The studio tracks you haven't heard confirm tha, yes, he was a genius who had a lot more music in him. But an unusual disc of mid-60s soul singles by other artists -- songs on which he played as a young hotshot session guitarist -- isn't a great Hendrix collection, but it's a nifty compilation of classic R&B. An included DVD is narrated by Bootsy Collins, a kindred spirit if ever there were one.

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