ICMN's Cierra Fields Receives $10,000 Make Sense Foundation Scholarship

$10,000 Make Sense scholarship winner, Cierra Fields (Oklahoma Cherokee) is a Champion for Change, anti-rape advocate and correspondent for ICMN

The non-profit Make Sense Foundation recently awarded $100,000 in scholarships to deserving young women who are college bound in the fall of 2017. Among the honored recipients was Cierra Fields of the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation, who is a Champion for Change,anti-rape advocate and correspondent for ICMN.

At a seminar and awards banquet earlier this month, Cierra Fields joined director Joni Rogers-Kante on stage to accept her scholarship, where she said, “I have nothing but thanks for this amazing scholarship opportunity and thanks to the Make Sense Foundation. I am honored to be included with the other 9 amazing young women who also won the scholarship.

Cierra Fields, a Fort Gibson high school student and member of the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation, was removed from her classroom on Tuesday morning, February 28th after refusing to stand for or say the pledge of allegiance. Fields is a Champion for Change, Anti-Rape Advocate and correspondent for ICMN. Courtesy Photo

Cierra Fields is a Champion for Change, anti-rape advocate and correspondent for ICMN.

“It was a great night out with my mom,” Fields told ICMN. “She was thrilled that I received the scholarship and that I also had an opportunity to wear my prom dress twice.”

Kirsten Aguilar, the Vice President of Marketing for SeneGence and a Make Sense Foundation board member, sent comments to ICMN via email as to her organization's choice of selecting Cierra Fields and the other young women.

“It was a clear choice to include Cierra in the top tier of our applicants for the Make Sense Foundation scholarship award. We seek out young woman who are college bound and intend to make a difference in the world with their intelligence, their caring spirit and their remarkable ability to help others,” said Aguilar.

“At only 17, Cierra's achievements are already hard to comprehend they are that of one person. Meeting her in person and awarding her the scholarship was a true joy. She is beautiful, well-spoken and a young lady of caliber that gives me faith in the future of our society. Speaking about her past is an incredibly brave thing to do. We look forward to watching her journey into college and beyond and hope that the $10,000 scholarship we awarded her helps to support her goals and dreams.”

SeneGence Founder & CEO and Make Sense Foundation Chairwoman Joni Rogers-Kante says she was moved by Fields’ story.

“I am touched by Cierra's story and honored to have her as one of the 2017 Make Sense Foundation award recipients. I founded the Make Sense Foundation with the goal of helping women and children in need. I know that Cierra will go onto college and into the world with a mission to do the same. This touches my heart deeply.”

The full list of $10,000 Make Sense Foundation scholarship winners are as follows:

Sheryl Chen- Brooklyn, NY
Karrina De La Cruz- San Jose, CA
Rachel DuRose- Kissimmee, FL
Ciera Andersen- Gordon, NE
Cristina Caballero- Eckert, CO
Fayth Smith- Simpson, IL
Taylor Tucker- Pasadena, CA
Hannah Juracek- Gregory, SD
Shazdeh Bukhari- Houston, TX
Cierra Fields- Fort Gibson, OK

As described on their website, the Make Sense Foundation is a 501 (3)(c) non-profit organization that assists women and children in crisis and was created to enable the Independent Distributors of SeneGence International to share their success with others who are less fortunate.

For more information visit makesensefoundation.org.

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