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ICMN Announces the Debut Issue of Indian Country Magazine

Indian Country Media Network has launched the bi-monthly Indian Country magazine, focusing on the culture and issues affecting Native Americans today.
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Pow wow season comes alive in the debut issue of ICMN’s new bimonthly, Indian Country magazine, thanks in no small part to the exceptional photography of Adam Sings In The Timber. Sings In The Timber’s photo of grass dancer Ronnie Preston (San Carlos Apache) gives the April-May edition of our new, collectible 96-page magazine the perfect, lasting iconic image to define the most elaborate extension of the Indian Country Today Media Network to date. The issue contains a pow wow listing guide of more than 350 pow wows, augmented by a wrap-up of ten pow wows “worth your travel dollars” by A&E and Pow Wows Editor Vincent Schilling, and a run-down of pow wow dancer (and Champion for Change) Cierra Field’s favorite pieces of pow wow regalia. Elsewhere in the magazine is an exclusive interview with trailblazing musician Supaman, along with exquisitely reproduced pow wow photos by ICMN’s team of talented photographers.

Q&A with Supaman, April-May issue of Indian Country magazine
Q&A with Supaman, Indian Country magazine April-May2017
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You needn’t take word for it, though. Indian Country magazine, which debuted at the Denver March Pow Wow and at this year’s National Indian Gaming Association convention, has received welcome positive feedback via our customer service email. Subscriber Deb M writes, “I got my magazine on Monday and can only say, Indian Country did themselves proud! Thank you so much for such an awesome resource and sheer pleasure of the pictures and articles.” And this comment, from Diana W: “I received my magazine on Tuesday. I Love, Love, Love it.” Frank B: “I have just received the first hard copy of Indian Country and I have been positively impressed. A magazine about and for our native community has been long overdue. Your magazine is a wealth of information, culture, events, and our history.” And M.B.: “Loved it -congrats ! Looking forward to reading the others.”

Indian Country magazine truly is a celebration—because while we don’t shy away from the difficult issues, we are dedicated to exploring the accomplishments of Natives as well as their challenges. In addition to the special pow wow section, Issue One includes a spine-tingling account of the theft and repatriation of Native remains; a close-up look at the traditions and practices of a Shoshone flint-knapper; a highly personal review of powerful new play by Tlingit playwright Frank Katasse; Marty Two Bulls’ graphic novel approach to the Lakota creation story of Tunksila; a look back at the amazing career of the Grant Sisters, “the only Indian Trick Riders in the World;” and a light-and-land pow wow spread by Crow photographer Adam Sings in the Timber.

Also, each issue of Indian Country magazine will include Indian Country Today—packed with Arts & Entertainment, travel, food, and must-have jewelry and artwork—and Indian Country Traditions, a look at contemporary craftwork, medicines, pow wows, roundtable-discussions, and poetry and prayer. Another consideration? When you become a subscriber, you are supporting Native journalism and this Native-owned media outlet at a time when the need for impactful, trustworthy news on American Indian issues was never more important.

Indian Country magazine will appear on a bimonthly schedule: April/May(out now); June/July; August/September; October/November; January/February. Limited copies of the first issue are still available—if you subscribe before we sell out, your issue will be part of two more special mailings before we move on to Issue Two. Act now before supplies run out in the coming weeks (about 10 percent of our nearly sold-out print run remains).

Once the issues sells out, all is not lost: The digital edition of the first issue will always be available to subscribers to the digital version—one of three platforms produced (print, digital, iPad). Go to our subscription page to learn of our latest offers.