I am looking for the address for this school. St. Joseph's sent me the second fund-raising packet…


I am looking for the address for this school. St. Joseph's sent me the second fund-raising packet and I really LOVE it. I love our native Americans. I have a friend who is from another tribe and has really struggled but raised by a program similar to the Catholic Church's interest in this school. I was trying to find their address because I saved everything but the donation slip - I have the postage paid envelope, but not an address. I wanted another dream catcher because I like the first one SO MUCH! We put it on our dark brown blinds in our master bedroom and want another one for the other window blinds! It stays there as we open the blinds in the morning and stays there at night when we close them. When I went online I couldn't believe there was an article damning these people for the WAY they do fund-raising. I loved the packet. ALL OF IT! We live in a remote area in retirement and loved having CARDS we didn't have to make or drive to another town to buy. I thought it was fabulous. In the 30 years I did fundraising, I didn't do that well - I didn't need that much money, either, and did fine, but for this cause I see NO PROBLEM with the hard work it took to put that all together. Shoot - covered cards are only 2/$1 in the dollar store. I don't see that this is a problem at all. I thought the Dream Catcher came AFTER I donated? I would like to donate again, but definitely want a dream catcher to match the first one. BRAVO to anything that helps our native Americans. I have a special place in my heart for all of you.

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St. Joseph's Indian School, 1301 N. Main Street, Chamberlain, SD 57325. Perhaps by this time you've found the address through other means, but, if not - well, there you go.


Some of the negative letters and comments, both here and on the various charity-checking sites, made my blood boil. Mostly about older people getting too much mail from SJIS. I also get a lot of mail from the School, and it's not always welcome because I usually give them one large donation per year. You know what I do with those unwanted mailings? I stack them up with the countless other junk mail and throw it away. Is that really so difficult?

St. Joseph's is one of the absolute best charities in the USA. Of every dollar they collect they spend just under 60 cents on their incredible programs. 33 cents of every dollar collected goes to the post office, printer, mailing service, etc. A charity with just 10 percent administrative overhead is phenomenal. By contrast, in one recent year the Clinton Foundation took in hundreds of millions of dollars, spent $91 million on expenses and travel, and disbursed less than $6 million. Grow up people. SJIS is for real.