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Hurricane Sandy and Nature's Debate

A story about Hurricane Sandy.

The last debate of the presidential season belongs to Mother Nature. Uninvited, unmentioned throughout the political debates on this most important of election seasons, Mother Nature, incarnated by Guabancex, Caribbean deity of weather systems, invites herself. She features Huracan, the old Maya-Taino deity of the large ocean based storms, the girating vortex of life and rain, waters for the season of harvest, water for the earth and human crops, water and winds to remind the earth and humble humans that their plans, aspirations and ambitions are but mere sticks compared to the force of nature. The vortex was huge. The age of the super storm has arrived. The winding winds of Huracan spanned the mid-Atlantic coast, extending north and west into severe winter storms. Up the east coast the Huracan, Caribbean based and impulsed by the heated ocean water, comes all the way to New York, sweeping a thousand miles wide, impacting 60 million people. At the tail end of its impact in the Northeastern U.S., several towns including Manhattan suffered serious flooding, and several million people are without electric power, for days, perhaps weeks. The storm paralyzed the election in its tracks, not for long but long enough to intrude, as if to say, "Aren't you all forgetting something?"

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