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Humane Society of United States joins sled dog food relief effort

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - More relief is on the way for threatened sled dogs in villages along the Yukon River. The Humane Society of the United States has joined the campaign to save the dogs by coordinating donations and delivery of dog food. The effort follows other donations made after news reports of people saying they might have to kill the dogs because of weak runs of chum salmon, the usual winter dog food supply. David Pauli, director of the Humane Society's Northern Rockies regional office in Billings, Mont., said the organization is working with several agencies to collect more donations besides the 22 tons of Purina Dog Chow distributed in the last two weeks. These and other donations should keep the dogs fed through late January or early February, Pauli said. The Humane Society is also working with state and tribal groups for shipments of high-calorie supplements, such as lard or oil, to get the dogs through winter, Pauli said. The organization has set up a special response fund for the relief effort. Donations may be sent to Alaskan Dog Relief Project, HSUS Northern Rockies Regional Office, 490 North 31st St., 215, Billings MT 59106.