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Hualapai Ranch captures the Old West

PEACH SPRING, Ariz. – Interested in experiencing rip-snorting Old West entertainment? Then consider visiting the Hualapai Ranch at the Grand Canyon West.

The outpost reflects the legendary-style cow towns of the past, complete with horses, stables, wranglers, cows, Wild West shows and bungalows that offer a rustic but comfortable night of rest.

Entertainment for the guests begins in the dining hall saloon where shady ladies dressed in petticoats and long skirts of old western design hang out. Seen sitting in chairs at tables covered in red and white checkered tablecloths are disgruntled prospectors and cowboys – smelling of horses – playing poker and chewing the fat.

Manager Aaron Aarke explained, “We don’t want a McDonald’s atmosphere. Our main goal is to show the history of the cultures of Arizona with an emphasis on the Hualapai.”

The tourist continues the glimpses of American history by experiencing a real hootin’ – hollerin’ cattle drive down the middle of town. Wranglers emerge amidst the dust, snorting livestock and pounding hoofs wearing handkerchiefs over their mouths while shouting head em up and ‘mov em out.’ “It’s good fun but there is an authenticity to the show. It’s not a Vegas attraction. These guys really live it,” said Colin Daviau, public relations representative.

The ranch sits on thousands of acres of open prairie, replete with sage brush, eagles floating on the wind and coyotes howling in the distance. The city dweller’s fantasies are intensified when they become a part of the Old West saga by mounting the horses or touring in the wagons the ranch provides. “Experiencing the canyon on a horse allows you to ride right along the rim and see the Colorado River from the prairie location. No reservations are needed [for the horse rides] and the rates are reasonable,” said cowboy Sam Davis.

Grand Canyon West offers several vacation packages. The Tranquility package provides a one-night stay at the ranch with a pass to see Eagle and Guano Point. The Legacy package gives access to the ranch and other points of interest. For more information, to view a list of activities, book reservations, or get directions visit or call (877) 716-9378.