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Hopi Newspaper to Resume Publication

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The primary newspaper covering Hopi lands, the Hopi Tutuveni (too TOO' veh knee), will resume publication after shutting down in mid-December 2009 due to budget cuts by the tribal council, reported the Associated Press.

Disagreements over the newspaper's content lead the tribal council to pull funding for the publication. The council has since re-established funding and spent the past year hunting for an editor.

The tribe has hired Mihio Manus as managing editor for the Tutuveni. Currently the managing editor for the Gila River Indian News, Manus is expected to take on his new role sometime in February. Manus has worked for various other publications including the Arizona Daily Sun.

Hopi Chairman LeRoy Shingoitewa (sing-OY'-tee-wah), who plans to work closely with the staff, expressed enthusiasm to the AP about having an experienced editor on board.