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Honoring Native Veterans on Veteran’s Day 2011

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Today, November 11, 2011, Veteran’s Day, Indian Country Today Media Network looks to pay honor to those brave warriors that have served in the United States Military, defending their tribe and the U.S.

These Native veterans have not only served in times of battle along George Washington but are currently serving to this day at a rate that is the highest per capita among any ethnicity.

From Native warriors like Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Geronimo to the Navajo Code Talkers of World Wars I & II to Lori Piestewa, these brave men and women continue to honor their heritage.

In honor of them, ICTMN has compiled the following videos honoring Native Veterans.

Native American Veterans – Veteran’s Day by Memimages

201 Native American Veterans Tribute by donaldkelly777

Native American Veteran Memorial by pinkfink16

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TAPS on the Native American Flute, Charles Littleleaf by flutiegurl

Pfc. Lori Ann Piestewa Tribute by FancyShawlDancr

Native American Memorial Day Tribute by saj1998

Navajo Pow Wow in Baghdad Iraq at Saddams old Palace by sluggard01

Native Americans Rights-A Tribute To Veterans by bonniebbonnets

Soldier Boy by nativeprincess81

American Indians in the US Army – Honoring Traditions by ForTheHonorOfOurLand