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Homework is Like Pizza: 8 Tips for Native Students to Get Your Homework Done

Hey Native students! Get your homework done by treating it like pizza ... finish it one bite at a time. Here's some tips.

To do or not to do, homework is the question. While we are all running around like our hair is on fire, we as Native students still have our homework.

But never fear, I actually have some tips that will help you get it all done!

Use a Dry Erase Board

Homework needs a dry erase board

Homework needs a dry erase board

First and foremost, create a homework checklist. I list all of my homework and deadlines for the week. Then I erase each assignment as I finish them. It is satisfying to watch them disappear.

Try the 10 + 2 X 5 Approach

Work hard for 10 minutes followed by a 2 minute break (grab a soda, eat a snack, or take a restroom break). Do this 5 times per hour (though not so much a snack each time, the break.) This simple algebraic equation or not-so-scientific formula does break up the work and gives your brain or butt a much needed break.

Use a Tried and True ‘To-Do List’ on Paper

I don't see much wrong with a to-do list and some coffee.

I don't see much wrong with a to-do list and some coffee.

Everyone has their system, and much like a dry erase board, there is a bit of magic in writing things down to prioritize your struggle. When you write obligations down, you remove the anxiety noise of ‘what do I have to do?’ and you can see what your priorities are in black and white.

Or red and white if you use a red pen, or purple and green if you use a purple pen and green paper and … well, you get my point.

Take Notes to Track Your Assignments

Sticky notes can be damn helpful.

Sticky notes can be damn helpful.

Use note cards, sticky notes, or paper but write down your assignments weekly so you can track them visually. Post them where you can see them on your desk or a cork board. There is power in seeing what lies before you. Own it.

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Tune Out the World with Music

This Chihuahua is ready to get their homework done.

This Chihuahua is ready to get their homework done.

Put in those earbuds or rock your headphones to tune out the world. You can study to your favorite jam or just use them to silence everything. Bonus: when wearing headphones, everyone tends to leave you alone. Just saying.[text_ad]Use the Calendar App on your Phone or Tablet - It’s Not Just for Birthdays Anymore

Use the calendar app on your phone or tablet, be creative.

Use the calendar app on your phone or tablet, be creative.

Schedule your homework and priorities and schedule a several day reminder. Use your favorite app. Are you noticing a pattern? When we admit what is on our plates and attack them one thing at a time, the world seems a much friendlier place.

Just Do It One Bite at a Time

Experts say “If you wait until you are in the mood, it might never happen.” I like to tackle the hardest assignment first and get it over with. It makes all of the other homework seem so easy.

Look, you are never really going to get everything done in life. But you can address your priorities one small item at a time. Can you eat an entire pizza with one bite? Most likely not (someone out there is going to be a smart-aleck and say ‘yes.’) But just like you can manage to eat a bunch of pizza in one sitting, you only accomplished it one bite at a time.

Homework is like pizza? Yes, finish it one bite at a time. Here are great tips for getting your homework done.

Homework is like pizza.

My conclusion? Homework assignments are like pizza.

Wait Until the Last Minute and Get Everything Done in One Night

OOOOOOps … some honesty just slipped out here. And no matter what we do, this is going to happen to some extent. But if you apply some of the techniques above, you MIGHT get to do this a little bit less.

Happy Homework!

Cierra Fields is a Cherokee student who has made the amazing (but admittedly terrifying) transition from high school to a current college student at Oklahoma University. Follow Cierra Fields on Twitter -