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Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin

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The nation is suing the state Department of Natural Resources, trying to get a judge to stop Perrier from drilling wells at springs east of Wisconsin Dells. The tribe's lawsuit, filed Oct. 19 in Dane County Circuit Court, is the third court action brought against Perrier's proposal to pump and bottle water in Adams County. Perrier and a subsidiary, Great Spring Waters of America, are seeking to drill two 200-foot wells that would pump a total of 500 gallons a minute near Big Spring. Perrier started drilling test wells at the site Oct. 19. The nation says the springs are sacred sites and the tribe was not consulted by the DNR before its decision to issue permits for the wells. A citizens group in Newport, a community near the site of Perrier's proposed plant, also filed a lawsuit against the DNR in Columbia County Circuit Court earlier this month. At mid-month, another citizens' group, Waterkeepers of Wisconsin, filed a lawsuit against Perrier. The group claims the company is violating an Adams County ordinance that zones the site for agricultural use.