Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin


Ground-searching radar owned by the nation in Black River Falls was brought in during investigation of a former construction site in Shawano County, part of the search for a missing University of Wisconsin-Green Bay student. Amber Wilde, then 19 and 4 1/2 months pregnant, has been missing since September 1998, a day after she called her father and said she had bumped her head in a minor car accident. Her car was found two weeks later in a parking lot in Ashwaubenon. Interviews pointed investigators to the 8-acre farm fields. Dogs trained to sniff out remains were brought in. Investigators drilled holes to allow any collected gases to escape. When dogs indicated an area, the radar was brought in. The nation uses the radar to find ancestral remains. The equipment indicated a mass below the surface and police dug a hole about 10 feet deep and three smaller five- foot holes April 19, but found nothing. "For me, for the rest of my life these things will be a bump in the road until this is solved," said Wilde's father, Steve Wilde. "I won't get too excited about this until they call me and tell me they've arrested someone."