Ho-Chunk Nation Donates $25,000 to Flood-Ravaged Bad River Ojibwe

The Ho-Chunk Nation is donating $25,000, plus water and cleaning supplies, to the Bad River Ojibwe after their reservation was hit hard by flooding.

The Ho-Chunk Nation is giving $25,000 to the Bad River Ojibwe, which was ravaged by flooding throughout Wisconsin that prompted Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to declare a state of emergency on July 12.

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The Ho-Chunk pledged the money to the Bad River Tribal Relief Fund after visiting their hard-hit neighbors with donations of drinking water and cleaning supplies.

“We are happy to be in a position to be able to provide some assistance and relief to the people of Bad River as they recover from the devastating flooding from the past week,” said Ho-Chunk Nation District 2 Representative Henning Garvin in a statement. “We are inspired to see the strength and resilience that has been displayed by our relatives to the North in meeting this immense challenge, and will continue to stand by to offer our resources to aid in the recovery.”

Assistance came from other sources as well, the Ho-Chunk said, with area organizations an businesses contributing money and providing more than a thousand bottles of water and $5,000 in cleaning supplies.

The Ho-Chunk will not stop there, given that Bad River reservation residents saw roads washed out, power and gas outages and other flood damage.

“Beyond this $25,000 monetary donation, the Ho-Chunk Nation remains committed to assisting fellow Wisconsinites by actively supporting the Red Cross Disaster Relief program along with many other charitable organizations that aide communities throughout the region,” the tribe said in its statement.