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Historical and contemporary bead work examined

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From first contact with Europeans with their abundant trade goods, Native peoples made ingenious and artistic use of this new material - glass seed beads - to ornament their ritual objects and elevate their everyday possessions to the extraordinary. This book traces the story of beadwork as it spread across North America and as it continues today. The clear explanations and instructions will help the collector identify old work, and the craftsman to pursue new paths with authenticity and know-how behind the creation of such works.

"We may never thoroughly understand the total knowledge of this artwork ? but it is important that we continue to strive to produce beadwork on the level of our elders," said David Dean, who is Choctaw heritage by birth but educated in Kiowa ways. Dean developed an interest in beadwork at his grandmother's knee and later as a dancer on the pow wow circuit.

Inspiring color photographs throughout show the best of contemporary beadwork and impressive historic pieces from museums and private collections such as the late Charles Eagle Plume, an expert on Native American lore, life, and culture.

Included in the book are clear illustrations that allow for accurate identification of traditional work, tips on how to buy beads, tools, materials, and how to use them.

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Published by Interweave Press,

201 East Fourth St., Loveland, Colo. 80537-5655

June 2002, $24.95/$37.95 CAN, 9x10, Paperbound, 160 pages, Color photos, Charts, Illustrations

ISBN: 1-931499-03-09

'Beading in the Native American Tradition' can be purchased at