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Historic Preservation Division asks for Mount Taylor property owners help


SANTA FE, N.M. – The state Historic Preservation Division has a list of 118 individuals, families and businesses with private land holdings on Mount Taylor and is seeking public assistance to ensure it is complete.

A proposed State Register of Cultural Properties nomination of approximately 440,000 acres of the mountain will be considered for a permanent listing at the June 5 Cultural Properties Review Committee. The division recently asked all private property owners not included on the list to provide their name and a legal description of their land, so that it can be excluded from the Mount Taylor Traditional Cultural Property listing.

“The nominating tribes in reworking the emergency listing from a year ago determined that privately owned land, which in general is fenced off and no longer accessible by the tribes both physically and spiritually, no longer holds significance for them,” said State Historic Preservation Officer Katherine Slick, HPD director. “These properties are non-contributing to the TCP, and therefore are excluded from the provisions of the State Register nomination.”

Private landowners not included on the list should contact HPD with a notarized copy of the deed from the appropriate county indicating property size in acres, township, range and section. Persons should submit information to HPD by e-mail at or by postal mail to the Historic Preservation Division, 407 Galisteo St., Suite 236, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501. The division can be contacted at (505) 827-6320.

The current list of property owners is provided here and in a file that can also be accessed on the division’s Web site:

Allen, Luther Edward Jr.

Allen, Mildred

Armijo, Robert

Baca, Ronnie

Baca, Theresa

Burns, Joy Lynn

Burns, Todd

Burns, Tory Lynn

Candelaria, Corp.

Candelaria, Josefita M.

Cantina Acres

Caprock Pipe & Supply Co.

Caughran, Donald J.

Caughran, Elsie

Caughran, James V.

Chavez, Corrine

Chavez, Eugene

Chavez, Juan

Derrick, Janis L.

Derrick, Scott

Elkins, David (Rev. Trust);

Elkins, David P.

Elkins, Donald J.

Elkins, Edith

Elkins, J&L

Elkins, Lawrence (Family) Ltd Partnership

Elkins, Lawrence

Elkins, Lawrence;

Elkins, Lynn E. (Rev. Living Trust)

Elkins, Lynn E.

Elkins, Paula D.

Elkins, Thomas L.

Farris Mines

Fernandez Company

Fernandez Company

Gallagos, Maya E.

Gallegos, Alfredo

Gallegos, Bennie

Garcia, Harry

Garcia-Hatten, Michelle

General Atomics Tax Dept

Gonzales, Alex

Gonzales, Lorraine

Gonzales, Santiago

Gonzales, Shirley

Gottlieb, Gloria

Gottlieb, Hans

Gottlieb, Joanne

Gottlieb, Kurt

Graves, Lamorri K.

Gregory, Howard

Gringras, Rosario Castro

Gulf Mineral Corp.

Gutierrez, Gilbert R.

Houston Family Trustees;

Houston Ridge Land Co. LLC

Houston, Donald E., et al.

Jaeger, John Arnold

Kelley, Shirley A.

Kelley, William D.

LaScala, Peter

Lee, Floyd W.

Lee, Floyd W.

Lee, Frances

Lee, Harriet

Lee, Harry F.

Lee Ranch

Lucero, Carlos

Lucero, et al

Lucero, Marie


Maher, James F.

Matilla, Carla

Matilla, Jeffrey

Matkovich, John

Matkovich, Stephanie

McBride, Carol

McBride, Deborah A.

McBride, Glenn, et al.

McBride, Jason

McBride, Lou

McBride, Louis, Jr.

McBride, Philip R.

McCullough, D. Patrick

McCullough, Marlys A

Metzgar, Miramon

Metzgar, Susena

Mirabal, Vidal

Mirabel Land Co. LLC

Montano, Kin, Jr.

Montano, Shannon

Moreno, Charles

Moreno, Nancy

Ortiz, Eloy

Partnership, LLP NM Limited

PDS Tax Services

Pieseto (Heirs of), Francisco

Pieseto, Francisco

Polisar, Steve

Quivira Mining Co.

Rancho La ResoLana, LLC

Richards, Grant

Rickerson, Judy Ladeane

Rio Grande Resources Corp.

Roybal, Betty

Roybal, Frank T.

Salazar, Frank D.

Sanchez, Elijio

Sandoval S&E

Sayland Farms, LLC et al

Schmmit, K c/o Schmmit G

Small, Maureen

Smith, Delma Sherilyn

Smith, Rickerson

Sorenson, William L.

The Santa Fe Presbytery

Truby, Debbie

Truby, Joe

Williams, Lucinda