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Hillary Clinton Says No! to Redskins

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Former First Lady and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is taking a stand on the right side of history. On Wednesday, she denounced the Washington, D.C. NFL team’s use of the R-word during an interview on Fusion TV.

“I think it’s insensitive,” Clinton said. “And I think that there’s no reason for it to continue as the name of a team in our nation’s capital. I would love to see the owners think hard about what they could substitute.”

Clinton, who many speculate will run for president in 2016, joined a growing group of politicians who have said ‘no’ to the team’s name and logo, which includes President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

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In a press release, the National Congress of American Indians Executive Director Jackie Pata and Oneida Indian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter praised Clinton’s stance.

“The Change the Mascot Campaign thanks Secretary Clinton for clearly stating that the R-word racial epithet is insensitive, and for making clear that there is simply no reason for that word to continue as the name of a football team, especially one that represents our nation’s capital,” said Pata and Halbritter.

“We sincerely hope that team owner Dan Snyder will take to heart Ms. Clinton’s comments, especially given that she is one of the world’s most celebrated advocates for equality and fair treatment. When the time eventually comes to select a new president, every individual who aspires to that office should be prepared to oppose the continued use of the R-word, which is a deeply hurtful epithet. Just as our current President has called for a change, our next President should also be willing to stand on the right side of history.”