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Hey Rez Cat Lovers - It’s Time for Furry Feline Pics on #Caturday!

ICTMN presents Rez #Caturday for our feline friends from or near reservations throughout Indian country.

Last Year, we asked our readers to send in pictures and fun facts about their rez pups. But not wanting our cat-lovers to feel left out, we sent out word on our Facebook page, Twitter and Google+ for your cool rez cat photos! Our readers have once again delivered!

So after last year’s popular articles on tongue wagging, shoe biting, rabbit chewing pubby’s – it’s now time for your mouse-chasing, bird catching rez cats.

If you’d like to submit your pictures and fun facts about your rez kitty just send us an e-mail at along with a picture, the rez cat’s name and age, owner’s name, the rez you’re from (or near) and city and state – we’ll be glad to post your rez kitty pics!


Tonaya J. Anderson-Elliott from the Navajo Nation in Teesto, Arizona sent us this regal photo of 2 year old Tada'diin. Tonaya says her awesome rez cat’s name means corn pollen in the Navajo language because he's the same color. Tonaya says “He is a very humble cat and thinks he's the king of our house. He's also an expert mouse catcher. He is giving me the Native glare in this pic.”

Chelsey Luger. Photo courtesy Eller Bonifacio.

Rez name: Cuddie / Government name: Lucky Star

Justine Delmore from the Navajo Reservation near Seba Dalkai, Arizona sent us a gorgeous picture of her black and grey kitty named Cuddie aka Lucky Star, age unknown. Now Justine, Cuddie is definitely a looker, but with two names, is he a secret kitty agent or something?

Chelsey Luger. Photo courtesy Eller Bonifacio.

A True Hard Core Rez Cat – We’ll call him Henry

William from the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona sent us this adorable rez kitten, William says this kitten has no name or owner and the age is unknown. No worries kitty – we will now call you Henry! Go out there Henry! Conquer the rez!

Chelsey Luger. Photo courtesy Eller Bonifacio.


Ash is a 1-year-old grey tabby rez cat owned by Sharisse Antoine of the Roseau River First Nation Territory in Letellier, Manitoba, Canada. We LOVE the pink collar and color-coordinated bell Ash, you are definitely a stylish rez cat!

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Chelsey Luger. Photo courtesy Eller Bonifacio.


This awesome pic of BaneKitty comes to us from Iakenkwetiio Robertson who hails from Mohawk territory in Kahnawake, Quebec. The Robertson family isn’t too sure of BaneKitty’s age because this cute rez cat was rescued from a parking lot. Quite a cool tongue you’ve got there BaneKitty!

Chelsey Luger. Photo courtesy Eller Bonifacio.

Sadie Cat

Renee Edwards from the Blackfeet Reservation in Browning, Montana sent us this cool, if a bit inquisitive photo of her rez cat, Sadie Cat. Look out Renee, Sadie Cats ears are pointing backwards in preparation for pouncing! One quick question Sadie Cat, those chest markings are they an optical illusion? … Are there two faces talking or a vase?

Chelsey Luger. Photo courtesy Eller Bonifacio.

Respected Elder Rez Cat Puddly

Puddly is a true respected elder rez cat at the wise age of 15 years. Puddly is a rescue rez cat who lives on the Navajo Nation with her owner Shabah Nez. So Puddly, if the younger rez kitties need advice, we’ll make sure to tell them how to contact you. We’ll also tell the young ones that you always get to eat first.

Chelsey Luger. Photo courtesy Eller Bonifacio.

Buddy Kat

This regal gorgeous rez cat photo is of a green eyed feline named Buddy Kat, who lives in Bedford, Indiana. According to his owner Arthur Medicine Eagle-Sonier, his green collared, fuzzy faced friend has been around for a few years. “Buddy is 4 years old now and was a stray I found on a stormy rainy night under a car at my garage.”

Lucky find Arthur, gotta love fate!

Chelsey Luger. Photo courtesy Eller Bonifacio.