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Here's to a Healthy and Happy Indian Summer

Summertime is here. Get the tanning lotion, sunburn spray, and beach ball out. Let's go the the powwow. Everybody loves to go swimming and jump off the dock. Some people like to do belly flops just for the fun of it. And there is always somebody who can do a backwards flip into a perfect swan dive.

Drink soda pop and eat chips. I don't know much. But I do know this: "Indians love soda pop and chips."

Don't waste this summer sitting inside of the house. Go outside and do something productive and healthy. Start a walking program or lift weights or go on a long bike ride. But please don't get all over invested and buy a unicycle and attempt to ride across the country non-stop. People will think you are crazy.

But if you did accomplish a cross country unicycle ride you'd be pretty famous and popular. Not many could actually accomplish that goal. And your legs would be dead tired. But you'd be in some vicious powwow dancing shape.

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So dust off them bells and iron your ribbon shirt and get ready to boogie on the dance floor. Here is some good advice: Don't iron the jingles on your jingle dress.

All the drum groups will be making new CDs and many dancers will be wearing new beadwork. And the audience members will have to high tech super comfy lawn chairs. But what is most important is to stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water and eat nutritious food. You need to start treating your body like it is a temple. It's your responsibility.

In fact, here are my four tips for a healthy Indian summer:

1. Don't drink a case of soda pop in one sitting.
2. Don't eat 10 bags of chips in one sitting.
3. Don't smoke cigarettes and chew Copenhagen at the same time.
4. Don't waste your summer sitting in the house playing video games.

Got it? Now go find a dock and jump off it.