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Here We Go Again: Victoria's Secret Angel Karlie Kloss Dons Headdress

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Don't look now -- Huffington Post has published stills from last night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that depict model Karlie Kloss wearing the famous lingerie with a sacred feather headdress. A poll on the site asks whether the look is "offensive" or "just fine" -- with "just fine" currently in the lead at 54%. The show will air on CBS on December 4.

This happens less than a week after No Doubt took the unprecedented step of pulling a cowboys-and-Indians-themed music video off of YouTube the day after it was posted. And that was just a few days after Halloween, when we found ourselves posting about Aubrey O'Day's Halloween attire. We said it then -- we don't relish playing "costume cop." Yet a large proportion of Indian country finds these images worthy of discussion.

Even if that discussion is a debate about whether to have the discusssion.

So this headdress mania continues, this round having been kicked off, it seems, by a Lana del Rey video that went online a month ago. In case you missed that one -- skip ahead to the 7:00 mark:

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