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Help for TBI survivors

The state of Nebraska has received a four year grant of $1 million in regards to Traumatic Brain Injury. There is a statewide TBI Council and several task forces.

I am very much interested in Native American representation on this council and or tasks forces. It is very important that Native American people in Nebraska become active in the area of health services as it relates to brain injury.

I have shared this information with several key people in Nebraska but have not had any success in getting them involved. This is partly due to the fact that I do not really know who I should be contacting that will follow up.

There are Native Americans of all ages and genders that are suffering from various brain damages and do not receive any service or even know how to get services. There is now an opportunity in the state of Nebraska for Native American input on health services regarding TBI. Please let Native American people in Nebraska know of this opportunity so they can become actively involved in improving services for themselves.

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I am interested in knowing contact names and contact information or contact Keri Bennett, program director, Department of Education/Nebraska at or call (308) 865-5012.

– Jaime Galloway

Lincoln, Neb.