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Heart Warming Pow Wow Stories From the Past Year: Part III

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As winter wraps its icy fingers around much of Indian Country and we prepare to say goodbye to 2011, we’ve got a few pow wow stories that’ll help warm your heart from this past year and have you looking forward to next pow wow season.

We began last Wednesday with Part I, then Part II on Friday, and continue where we left out, moving back in time towards the beginning of last year.

Our commitment to covering all the pow wow dancers, MCs, organizers, and events happening across North America (and beyond) has, not surprisingly, put us into contact with some truly inspirational people. So here is Part I of our retrospective on pow wow stories that warmed our hearts, and inspired us, from this past year. So just click on the hyperlinks and be whisked back in time to some of our favorite pow wow stories from the past year.

A pow wow that honors a father’s role in the lives of his children, and the importance of being a role model for his children, was something we had to report on.

The Red Earth Festival in Oklahoma City draws journalists from all over the globe, and it’s very easy to see why.

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A pow wow in the Big Apple? Of course! For the most diverse city in the country, the Native American Heritage Celebration has found a fitting home.

Once a mountain of trash, now, home to a pow wow. We sent a reporter there to dig up the dirt on this wonderful, relatively new addition to the pow wow circuit, and he came back with a great video and photo gallery.

Who are these amazing pow wow dancers who help make pow wows the special, totally unique experiences they are? We decided to find out.

One of our intrepid reporters took his family down to Albuquerque to watch his children dance at the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow. The Gathering is one of the largest pow wows in the world. Here's a great photo gallery of our reporter's family enjoying the sights and sounds of this epic celebration.

We loved to get our reporters on the case of the origins behind some of the most beloved pow wow dances out there, in this case, the Turkey Dance.

Check back in with us as we rap up more of our favorite stories from the year!