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Heart Warming Pow Wow Stories From the Past Year: Part II

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As winter wraps its icy fingers around much of Indian Country and we prepare to say goodbye to 2011, we’ve got a few pow wow stories that’ll help warm your heart from this past year and have you looking forward to next pow wow season.

We began last Wednesday with Part I, and continue where we left out, moving back in time towards the beginning of last year.

Our commitment to covering all the pow wow dancers, MCs, organizers, and events happening across North America (and beyond) has, not surprisingly, put us into contact with some truly inspirational people. So here is Part II of our retrospective on pow wow stories that warmed our hearts, and inspired us, from this past year.

Origin stories are always interesting, and, almost as often, shrouded in a bit of mystery. The origin of the Smoke Dance is no exception, but that didn’t stop our reporter, Autumn Whitefield-Madrano, from digging in.

We were honored to have Iron Thunderhorse, Quinnipiac Grand Sachem, Historian, Linguist, and Thunderbird Clan Shaman write two stories for our pow wow section, and look forward to working with, and learning from, this great man again next year. Check them out here and here.

We covered a lot of pow wows this year that were started before this, and last century, such as the Winnebago Tribe’s Homecoming Celebration, which celebrated their 145thyear in existence.

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We also covered pow wows large and small. Julyamsh, the Coeur d’Alene Tribe’s annual pow wow, is decidedly in the former category.

We’re always honored to cover a Veteran’s Pow Wow, such as the 10th Annual Muckleshoot Veteran’s Pow Wow in Auburn, Washington.

It’s a special thing to get our reporters inside the action at a pow wow, and this story filed all the way from Hawaii’s Inter-Tribal Pow Wow was no exception.

There were quite a few pow wows this year that honored the legendary American Indian athlete Jim Thorpe.

And then there was the Rainbow of Ribbons Pow Wow, which honored breast cancer survivors.

Check back in to Indian Country Today Media Network for Part III!