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Heart Attack Grill Unofficial Spokesman Dies of Heart Attack


A patron who visited the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas nearly daily and promoted the fast-food eatery to passersby suffered from a heart attack at the bus stop outside the Grill on Monday, reported the AP. He was taken off life support that night.

John Alleman, 52, was billed as the "unofficial spokesman" for the diner with the slogan "Taste Worth Dying For!" Alleman was such a hit at the downtown Las Vegas location that he was pictured on the restaurant's menu and given his own "Patient John" clothing line.

"He never missed a day, even on Christmas," owner Jon Basso told The Las Vegas Sun.

Heart Attack Grill is living up to its name. Just a year earlier, a customer experienced a heart attack while downing a 6,000-calorie "Triple Bypass Burger"; he was wheeled out by paramedics mid-meal.

"I'm here to tell you straight up that I'm here to make a buck," Basso told CBS This Morning last February, after the incident. "Anything that's legal that you want to eat or drink that's fun, that enriches your life at the moment, I will sell it to you. If I could put danger back into hamburgers, all the better."

The fast-food chain's worst offender is a 8,000-plus-calorie "Quadruple Bypass Burger"; waitresses dressed up as nurses also serve Flatliner Fries and Butterfat Milkshakes. The staff at the hospital-themed establishment playfully refer to Basso as "doctor." Customers who weigh more than 350 pounds eat for free. 


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