Haskell revives Easter egg hunt

LAWRENCE, Kan. - The gloomy, threatening Easter sky gave way to a bright, sunny day just in time for the annual Haskell Indian Nations University Easter Egg Hunt. The campus rang with the voices of excited children scurrying from place to place, gathering Easter eggs and prizes.

Rex Cully, in charge of this year's hunt, oversaw this revival of a tradition as Haskell students looked for numbered eggs, hoping to win a basket filled with coupons for free dinners and other items. Small children peeked behind trees to find stuffed Easter bunnies and other sweet treasures. While their parents and grandparents looked on, the kids had a ball, running and laughing.

Nicki and John Harjo, both Haskell students brought their daughter Jula who proudly displayed the Easter bunny she had found. Even Bridget the dachshund got into the spirit, going from child to child, inspecting their baskets.

Three-year-old Tanisha Garcia happily dug through her basket as Bridget supervised.

Cully and other organizers manned the grill and the grand prize table and are already looking forward to next year's hunt.

"It really pulled them in here!" Cully said, with a big smile.