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Has Irene Bedard Been Cast as Will Smith's Next Leading Lady?

The rumor that Beyonce Knowles would have a major role in Will Smith's 'Hancock' sequel turned out to be false. But will Irene Bedard?
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Can you believe everything you read? Alaska Native actress Irene Bedard (Pocahontas, Smoke Signals) seems to be asking herself that very question right now. In a strange turn of events, Bedard has emerged as the rumored female lead in Hancock 2, starring Will Smith, projected for a 2015 release.

The project, a sequel to Hancock (2008), got a big publicity boost on June 24 when news sources reported that Beyoncé Knowles would appear in the film as "Carly Kicker." That turned out to be untrue, and news stories were retracted or corrected. Some stories mentioned, almost as an aside, that Irene Bedard had been cast opposite Smith, as the character Knowles Neeson.

On June 28, Bedard posted this update to her Facebook page:

So I have had a lot of inquiries asking me about the film Hancock 2. According to news agencies and the IMDB site, I will be appearing in the film. Hmmmmm. What do you think Facebookers; would this be as much fun as it looks?

So... maybe this was just a big misunderstanding. If anyone knows whether Irene Bedard is going to be in Hancock 2, you'd think it would be Irene Bedard. Still, perhaps just for fun, the actress kept dropping mentions of the possible role on her Twitter page. Then yesterday, Bedard posted this update to Facebook:

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! Still waiting to hear from Will Smith's people on "Hancock 2" (Cross your fingers!) but it brings up an interesting question: Why aren't there more American Indian/Alaskan Natives cast in Hollywood blockbusters?

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It's a great question, one we've thought about more than a few times. If you wanted to cast a Native actress in a Hollywood blockbuster, you'd be hard pressed to find a better candidate than Bedard. Has it happened, or is this all just a joke? We're not sure what to think, but we're keeping an eye on Bedard's pages and the IMDB, which still lists Bedard's name alongside Will Smith's.

We're also watching Longmire, on which Bedard plays May Stillwater. She's been in two episodes this season; will she make an appearance tonight? Here's a clip from Episode 3, "Miss Cheyenne."