Happy New Year from the Pow Wow Comedy Jam

Here's to wishing everybody in Indian country a Happy Native New Year.

Normally our elders Taos to go to bed early but this is one night it's fun to pull an Oneida and watch the sun rise.

Some people plan to go to pow wows, others want Arapaho bunch of hip hop songs or play music. Even if you're Cheyenne quiet, let loose. Hoopa and holler because New Year's only comes once a year. It's the one night you don't have to Pequot.

Siletz eat, drink and be merry. If you're thirsty, Pomo sodas. If Yavapai and ice cream, share some with your friends.

New Years is a time for resolutions too. So if you're thinking, "I should call that Chickasaw at the club"—do it!

Just remember, be safe and sober, especially if you drive. The last thing you want is to have a cop behind you and you're thinking, "I Hopi doesn't pull me over" because you are driving buzzed. Remember the more you've had to drink, the Mohegan want to take you to jail.

Happy 2013!

The Pow Wow Comedy Jam is a three-man standup team consisting of Vaughn Eaglebear, Marc Yafee, and Howie Miller. For more info, visit PowWowComedyJam.com