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Happy 2016: Sunrise From the Top of the World, in Nunavut

A Frosty Sunrise snapped by Eileen Arragutainak of Nunavut welcomes in 2016.
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From the top of the world, in Nunavut, Canada, we bring you a symbol of new beginnings for the New Year: a stunning photo very aptly titled “Frosty Sunrise.”

Eileen Arragutainak snapped the picture for the monthly photo contest of Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (NTI), the Inuit land claims organization, and won Photo of the Year back in 2014.

The contest accepts photos from all over the Canadian territory.

“Pictures of Nunavut landscapes, communities and wildlife will be considered,” NTI says on its website. “Pictures of people in Nunavut will also be considered, although photographers must have the people in their pictures complete and sign the Photo Release Form which state that the person agrees to have their image reproduced on the website and possibly in NTI publications and materials.”

Other NTI contest winners have been featured at Indian Country Today Media Network as well.

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Pangnirtung Fiord, Nunavut

Snow Geese, Ready for Their Closeup

Happy New Year, Turtle Island.

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