Hannahville Indian Community of Wisconsin Potawatomie Indians, Michigan


Delta County Airport will receive a splash of color thanks to some help from the Hannahville Indian Community. The Delta County Airport and Parks Commission passed a motion May 10 to have a mural painted in the airport building. The mural, which was started May 25, is being painted by local artist Jim Finlan. Roughly 8- by 40-feet, the work will portray a timeline for the Escanaba area. Viewed from left to right, the painting moves from past to present. The mural both begins and ends with Native Americans. Between the Native American figures, the fur trade, mining industry, lumber and paper mill industries, farming, and other elements key to the area are depicted. Dave Anthony, director of community development at the tribal center, hopes that the public will gain a sense of the role of the Hannahville people in the community. "The mural is looking into the future, and will bring all people who lived in the past and in the present into the future."