Halloween With the Romney Clan


Buzzfeed blogger McKay Coppins delves into the "mommy blog" of Mary Romney, daughter in law of Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. On the blog, titled "Me & My Boys," Mary presents stories from family life—at least, that's how McKay Coppins describes it. Access to the blog seems to be restricted at the moment—we had no luck accessing maryromney.com. There are also pictures, several of which Coppins managed to snag.

Gawker has honed in on this one, which is of interest to us as well, with a post titled "What is Mary Romney Dressed Up as in this Picture?" and goes on to speculate:

A brief survey of the Gawker office yielded the following guesses:

• Pocahontas

• "Girl who lives in Williamsburg circa 2009"

Mountain Meadows massacre participant

• Native American

• Something from a Stephenie Meyer novel

• Brunette hippie (Mary is usually blonde)

(Craig Romney, incidentally, is dressed as his dad.)