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H2OPI Run to Mexico City receives corporate support

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KYKOTSMOVI, Ariz. -- Black Mesa Trust announced Jan. 4 that US Airways has
donated 15 round-trip airline tickets from Phoenix to Mexico City to
support the March 2006 H2OPI Run of Respect for Water and All Life.

Hopi athletes, representing each of the 13 villages, and members of other
Southwestern tribes and nations will carry sacred messages and teachings of
water from the Hopi reservation in northern Arizona to the 4th World Water
Forum in Mexico City, 2,000 miles away. Some of the donated airline tickets
will be used by elders who will accompany the runners at the forum; the
others will be given in a drawing, with proceeds going to support the run.

"US Airways is pleased to have this opportunity to help bring the
importance of preserving the earth's resources through indigenous teachings
to the attention of world leaders," said Julie Coleman, the airline's
director of community relations. "We offer our best wishes to the runners
and are happy that we can make it possible for Hopi elders to join them at
the forum".

In addition to delivering sacred messages and related lessons of
traditional science, which recognize all waters as comprising a singular
life-sustaining system of a living earth, the run will bring critical
information to Native and non-Native peoples living along the route, renew
Hopi traditions and ceremonies of distance running, reaffirm Hopi clan
origins and ties to the peoples of central Mexico, and re-establish
collaborative efforts of respect among Southwestern tribes.

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Other support for the run has come from the Hopi people, who have helped
organize and participated in fund-raising events in several villages over
the past year; the All-Pueblo Council, which has passed a resolution in
support of the run; and the White Mountain Apache and Hualapai tribes,
which have made contributions. In addition, the Dalai Lama will send water
he has blessed, and Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano will issue a proclamation
honoring the runners on the day that they start their trek.

The run will also recognize and honor the19 Hopi leaders who in 1890 were
imprisoned at Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay by the U.S. government for
"seditious acts." Those leaders believed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
guaranteed them full rights as U.S. citizens, including the right to their
land and water, the First Amendment right to worship and be free from
religious persecution, and the right to educate their children in their own
way. "For this they were put in prison. They are examples of true leaders,"
said Black Mesa Trust Director Vernon Masayesva.

The run is undertaken in conjunction with Black Mesa Trust's Decade of
Water observances and will also celebrate Black Mesa Trust's successful
grass-roots campaign to stop Peabody Western Coal from pumping pristine
N-aquifer water to slurry coal from the Black Mesa Mine to Mohave
Generating Station in Laughlin, Nev. The slurry operation has been shut

For more information on the run, visit or call Ruben
Saufkie at (928) 734-5438; for more information about Black Mesa Trust, go
to or call Masayesva at (928) 734-9255. Additional
information on US Airways can be found at or