Gwyneth Paltrow Staves off Winter with Eskimo Boots


The Huffington Post reports that an uber-chilly Gwyneth Paltrow is cozying up in Eskimo boots from Mou and dressing her kids in same. This courtesy of her newsletter GOOP, in which she says, shivering away in New York, "I don't know how it is where all of you are, but I am freezing my ass off. I will be relying heavily on my cozy winter boots to get me through to spring, however far off it may seem. Here are some of my favorites."

She goes on to list a few choice picks, including Mou's "hand-stitched Eskimo boots" (left) and "their shaggier models," which would be the Antelope Cowboy boot. They retail at about $130 (she posts the price in British sterling at £100) and $450 (£345), respectively.