Guest Speaker to Discuss Bison Hunting

Northwestern Oklahoma State University will host a presentation about how Native American hunters used arroyos to trap small herds of bison.

On March 27, Dr. Leland C. Bement, of the Oklahoma Archeological Survey, will give a presentation at Northwestern Oklahoma State University about bison hunters of the North American souther plains.

Native Americans "employed short, steep-walled arroyos to trap and kill small herds of bison," says an announcement of the event. "Following the slaughter the hunters entered the gully and skinned and butchered the animals. Meat was often carried to winter camps often several miles from the kill sites. The repeated use of the same arroyo kill sites indicates large scale bison hunting was an integral part of the season round of these hunting societies."

The presentation will be given in SC 214, a room in the Science Amphitheater, at 5:30 p.m. and is free to attend. For more information contact Dr. Jason Wickham at or 580-327-8560.