Green-Tailed Fireball Wows Turtle Island's Eastern Seaboard


Last month a meteor streaked across the skies above the Ural mountain range in Siberia, and on Friday March 22 it was Turtle Island's turn.

Thousands of people up and down the Eastern Seaboard were astounded by a blazing fireball that bolted through the skies.

Experts at the American Meteor Society said it was probably the size of a small boulder—nowhere near the one that exploded over Russia on February 15, shattering windows in the city of Chelyabinsk and causing at least 1,200 injuries before landing in Lake Chebarkul and earning its name. That was a once-in-a-century event, scientists said at the time, and the fact that it swept by the same day that an asteroid came within 17,000 miles of the Earth was just a coincidence. The March 22 meteor was just one of hundreds that smack into Earth’s atmosphere daily.

The American Meteor Society said on its website that it had received 631 reports about the fireball from Connecticut, Washington D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia, and even Quebec City and the province of Ontario in Canada.

Security cams (as opposed to the dashboard cams ubiquitous in Russia) caught the blaze, as did numerous bystanders. Below is a video from a security camera in Thurmont, Maryland.