Greatest Hits: A Selection of Troy Polamalu's Incredible Plays


Troy Polamalu, Samoan, has compiled some of the most incredible plays of any player in NFL history. He's shown his unmatched athletic ability with one-handed interceptions, his gladiator mentality with devastating hits, and his big game abilities coming up with a key play at the most crucial point of the game.

Here are a few of Troy's unforgettable moments from his Hall of Fame-level career thus far:

This play is all about perfect timing, the kind of play you dream about making once, maybe twice in a career. Troy's had a bunch:

There are only a handful of guys in the league who could make this interception:

And another near impossible pick by the master:

A classic game clinching play by #43:

This is what's called a 'Pick Six':

Sometimes, however, Troy's hair gets him in a bit of trouble: