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Greatest Hits: A Selection of Troy Polamalu's Incredible Plays

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Troy Polamalu, Samoan, has compiled some of the most incredible plays of any player in NFL history. He's shown his unmatched athletic ability with one-handed interceptions, his gladiator mentality with devastating hits, and his big game abilities coming up with a key play at the most crucial point of the game.

Here are a few of Troy's unforgettable moments from his Hall of Fame-level career thus far:

This play is all about perfect timing, the kind of play you dream about making once, maybe twice in a career. Troy's had a bunch:

There are only a handful of guys in the league who could make this interception:

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And another near impossible pick by the master:

A classic game clinching play by #43:

This is what's called a 'Pick Six':

Sometimes, however, Troy's hair gets him in a bit of trouble: