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Great Pacific Garbage Patch Documentary Profiles the Mess in Graphic Detail

Angela Sun digs into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch with this gripping documentary.
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Sports reporter and avid self-described surfer, scuba diver and ocean lover Angela Sun heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 2005, she writes in the Yahoo! News column The Upshot.

"What started out as research for a short segment for a show I was working on, morphed into an arduous 7-year journey to investigate and unveil the story behind this plastic paradise known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch," the ESPN correspondent writes. The result is this work-in-progress, a feature-length documentary that graphically illustrates the problem, which is actually present in all of Mother Earth's oceans.

She traces the evolution of plastic from its invention as a miracle substance in the 1950s, through today, when single-use plastic is clogging up our oceans and turning them into the world's biggest landfill, as one environmentalist says in this clip from the upcoming film. The trailer below shows the effects of this garbage on the Midway Atoll, the albatross-laden islands halfway between the U.S. West Coast and the east coast of Japan. Learn more about the movie here.

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