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Great job

I would like to commend the Coeur d’Alene Tribe and their youth council for doing a wonderful job hosting the 34th annual Northwest Indian Youth Conference. The lineup they had of speakers and guests were a remarkable source of knowledge and inspiration to our youth – well, everyone for that matter.

As a chaperone I came away invigorated by the message at the conference. I would like to thank the people by name but I am not sure if that would be a right thing to do as they did not give me permission to mention their names, besides I would miss someone deserving of thanks so I will say thank you to all involved.

We traveled a long way, from central Wyoming to Spokane, with students that do not often get to see this type of function and had to work hard to fundraise to get there and we were all treated to a great program. Money and time well spent.

– Thomas E. Hernandez

Indian Education

Student Support RHS

Riverton, Wyo.