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Graphic novel series ready to launch


WINNIPEG, Manitoba – Highwater Press, an imprint of Portage & Main Press, is pleased to announce the publication of Stone, the first book in the graphic novel series called 7 Generations, by author David Robertson and artist Scott Henderson.

7 Generations is an epic, four-part graphic novel series that spans three centuries of one Aboriginal family, from historic prairie encampments right up to the modern day. It tells the story of Edwin, an Aboriginal teenager, and his search to find meaning in life. This leads to a journey through seven generations of his family’s history: from the proud Plains Cree in the early 19th century, to disease and famine, to the residential school system in the 20th century. The series reveals how the impact of this journey and the revelations that follow change Edwin’s life.

Launch of first book in series

Stone, the first book in the 7 Generations graphic novel series, will be released in April 2010. Stone introduces Edwin, a young, lost Aboriginal man, whose concerned mother realizes he must learn his family’s past if he is to have any future. She tells him about his ancestor Stone, a young Plains Cree man who came of age at the beginning of the 19th Century. Following a vision quest, Stone aspires to be like his older brother, Bear, a member of the Warrior Society. But when Bear is tragically killed during a Blackfoot raid, Stone, the best shot and rider in his encampment, must overcome his grief and avenge his brother’s death. Only then can he begin a new life with his bride Nahoway. It is Stone’s story that drives Edwin to embark on his own quest. Three more books to come

Rounding out 7 Generations are three more books to be released over the next 18 months:

Book 2 – Scars features the orphan White Cloud, set against the smallpox epidemic of 1870-71.

Book 3 – Ends/Begins features Edwin’s father and his residential school experience.

Book 4 – The Pact is a story of redemption, as father and son reconcile their past and begin a new journey.

Creative team behind the series

David Robertson was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He received his BA in English from the University of Winnipeg. His realization that education could combat racism and sexism inspired him to write the graphic novel The Life of Helen Betty Osborne, published in 2008. David lives in Winnipeg with his wife and children, and works in the field of Aboriginal employment.

Scott Henderson, illustrator of 7 Generations, is a graduate of the University of Manitoba’s School of Fine Arts. Scott’s many projects include work as a colourist and illustrator for comics, portraiture, advertising art, and most recently two WWII web comics. Scott is also the author and illustrator of the sci-fi/fantasy comic The Books of Era.

More information can be found at; Contact: RoseAnna Schick, Publicist for Stone, (204) 783-7600 or

Would like information on the series, what it’s trying to accomplish, a little about the author in around 800 words. Have the company send artwork to ICT and the review copies to you. Deadline is July 16.

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