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Grants Office launches free tribal funding information website

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Each year, federal and state governments release more than 1,000 programs and approximately $400 billion in grant funding for a wide variety of applications, and the sheer volume of funding data makes it difficult for eligible tribal governments and organizations to find the programs that could make a difference in their communities. Consequently, larger, more sophisticated entities are often better positioned to access these resources.

In order to help tribal governments and organizations navigate the massive amount of information that is available on federal, state, and foundation grant funding, Grants Office, LLC, a national grants development services firm, announces the release of – one of 15 free, informational websites dedicated to providing useful, relevant funding information related to specific functional areas. The site provides information on grants for a wide range of Native American and tribal projects.

These Grants Office .info sites, so named for their .info extensions, can all be accessed from the directory portal at Grants information on the sites comes at no cost to users from the Grants Office UPstream Online Knowledge Base, a proprietary database of funding information that is updated every business day with federal, state, and foundation grant opportunities.

Grants Office, LLC is a national grants development firm based in Rochester, N.Y., providing federal, state, and local information and grants development support to municipalities, nonprofits, and industry partners, including a number of tribal governments throughout the United States. Additional contact and services information is available at