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Grand Canyon Hualapai Tourism Center Opens

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The Hualapai Tourism Center opened in the Kingman Powerhouse in Kingman, Arizona, on February 24th, a Hualapai Tourism press release stated. Hualapai Tourism has built a retail location to provide Kingman visitors ticketing and merchandising opportunities for those interested in seeing the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon Hualapai Tourism Center is opened seven days a week, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The opening of the center continues the ongoing relationship between the tribe, the Mohave County Board of Supervisors and the city of Kingman. John Salem, the Mayor of Kingman, Arizona, recently signed a proclamation declaring, "Goodwill and mutual cooperation between the city of Kingman and the Hualapai Nation." The Mayor and the City Council went on to express their commitment to, "promote the tribe's health, well being, economic success and to empower them for their future." It was signed and made public in December of last year.

This proclamation made a lot of sense. The Hualapai Nation run their tourism operations on Grand Caynon West (where their Skywalk is located) as well as the Hualapai Lodge and River Runners, which are the only one-day Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip. When the Arizona Office of Tourism did their third quarter survey lats year, they found that 42.6% of the visitors traveling through Kingman named Grand Canyon West as their primary destination.

Kingman is 51 miles due south of Peach Springs, the Hualapai Tribe's capital, and has become a main throughway to Grand Canyon West, and has adopted the tagline, "America's Route to Grand Canyon West, Home of the Skywalk." Hualapai Tourism has, in turn, created a retail location that has ticketing and merchandise in the Historic Powerhouse Visitor's Center to make it easier for Kingman visitors to get the full Grand Canyon experience .

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Continued business and community development are anticipated as the area becomes increasingly united.

“We want to continue to blossom our [Hualapai Tribe] relationship with the City [Kingman] and the County [Mohave]. We are all in this together and the new Hualapai Tourism Center at the Powerhouse is yet another step to our mutual growth and success,” said Robert Bravo Jr., CEO of Grand Canyon Resort Corporation (Hualapai Tourism), in the press release.