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Gover not best choice

Gover is the best we can do for the National Museum of the American Indian? I don't think so. The statements of Elouise Cobell are just the tip of the iceberg. Gover has a long history of questionable performance.

The Boston Globe ran a series of articles in 2001 documenting allegations of misconduct by senior officials of the Clinton administration. Congressman Frank Wolf requested the inquiry, which was conducted by the Office of the Inspector General.

The inspector general's report found: ''Using a consultant of questionable credentials to bolster their position, BIA officials Kevin Gover [and others] were determined to recognize the six tribes that [the Office of Acknowledgement and Research] had concluded did not meet the regulatory criteria. Gover issued four decisions contrary to [the Office's] recommendation ... Gover held a meeting with the BAR staff in which he stated, 'acknowledgement decisions are political.' ... ''

The cover story of the monthly news magazine American Indian Report in 1999 was titled ''Kevin Gover: A Work in Progress.'' He is no longer a work in progress; he has a track record, one that raises questions of competence and integrity which is not what the NMAI needs.

There are Indian people more qualified than Gover to fill the big shoes left by Rick West.

- Ronald Toya

Albuquerque, N.M.