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Google Announces Today's Doodle Will Feature Fiery Earth in Honor of 'Mayan Apocalypse'

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Google Doodle has commemorated pretty much everything, but now it has prepared for what could be its last cartoony logo ever: Friday’s doodle is anticipated to mark the apocalypse with a bursting orange-and-yellow blob to signify one of the several ways in which Armageddon will take place. The Doodle has yet to appear online this morning.

Google is jazzing up its Friday, December 21, 2012, home page with what Google CEO Larry Page calls “our most awesome Google Doodle ever,” according to The New Yorker.

“People are freaking out about the world coming to an end—I totally get that,” Page told reporters in a conference call, the erstwhile magazine reported. “But at Google we view the Apocalypse as a unique opportunity. This company was founded with the goal to ‘organize the world’s information’ and we see the next three days as our chance to get that done.”

On the off chance that it really is the end of the world—although the Mayans predicted no such thing—Page’s directive to his staff was, “The world is going to be destroyed and mankind will cease to exist. Make Google the last page they see, and give us one last chance to serve them tracking cookies.”

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While The New Yorker reports Google will acknowledge 12.21.12 as a predicted doomsday with what appears to be an exploding planet, The Telegraph said the company will actually recognize the Mayan calendar's end of the 13th Baktun with its logo in stone carving.