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'Good Samaritan' encounter

On a [recent] visit to Hopi, my wife and I got ourselves into deep trouble during a very heavy snowstorm late at night. Bound for our Winslow motel from the Hopi Cultural Center, we got lost in the dark and stuck in a roadside mud hole on Hard Rock Road and our 911 call got no answer.

Switching on our hazard lights, we faced an uncomfortable all-night ordeal. Minutes later, headlights appeared. The driver of a large white pickup came immediately to our rescue with a heavy towrope and a big heart. He soon had us back onto the dirt road, getting himself thoroughly soaked in the process, and gave us detailed directions to Winslow.

Upon asking, we learned that this self-sacrificing man was one Percy Deal. He was adamant in his refusal of any award for his outstanding act of kindness to strangers, whose faces I doubt he could even see in the stormy darkness.

Not five minutes and a half-mile down the road, we were again stuck deep in the muck. Unbeknownst to us, Mr. Deal was following us until we got back to the paved road, some two miles away. Once more getting out into the storm, Mr. Deal again tugged us free, and we proceeded to Winslow and a dry bed.

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The Good Samaritan of the Bible is alive and well, apparently, still serving mankind in Navajo County, Ariz., for which this elderly couple will be forever grateful.

Believing that every good deed received in life should be ''passed on,'' we have donated to the Hopi Educational Endowment Fund in the name of Mr. Percy Deal, but we also feel the world should know this exceptional man, a true role model for us all.

- John and Jean DeBruyn

Escondido, Calif.Editor's note: The DeBruyns later learned that Percy Deal is Navajo, and is with the Board of County Supervisors.